Company Profile

Strategic Development & Construction Group is a New York based organization that has been actively engaged in the development of residential and commercial projects since 1985.

Our expertise has focused on the gut rehabilitation of vacant buildings and the new construction of residential and commercial structures. The total development cost of our projects can range between $3 million and $75 million. Our residential projects include single family and multi-family market rate and affordable housing developments. Our commercial developments consist of private school construction, retail stores and community facility operations. Through Strategic Development Group, Inc., we oversee all aspects of a project's development including: (1) identifying sites to be acquired, (2) formulating budgets, (3) analyzing the feasibility of a project (4) negotiating construction and permanent financing, (5) marketing the for-sale and/or rental units and (6) managing the operation of property.

Through our construction company, Strategic Construction Corporation, we act as the general contractor or construction manager on gut rehabilitations and new construction projects. We employ the necessary expertise and resources in the areas of cost estimation and project management to efficiently construct the project. This is achieved through the utilization of selected supervisory personnel and a strong sub-contractor base, along with the use of computerized construction management applications. We also retain the services of our own crews to directly execute portions of work, backup primary subs, and to consummate punch list activities in a timely manner.

Contact us: tel:(718) 797-2626 fax: (718) 797-5055